Belgium is a country situated in Western Europe.

  • Its form of government is ‘a representative democracy headed by a hereditary constitutional monarch’. Nowadays, the monarch is King Philippe of Belgium, and the Prime Minister is Charles Michel of the MR party. (Doucy, et al., 2018)
  • It has frontiers with The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France. Its official languages are French, Dutch, and German.
(Public domain)

Flag: Three horizontal stripes, one black, one yellow, and one red, which are associated with the former Duchy of Brabant.





  • Population: 11,420,163.
  • Territory: 30,528 km^2
  • Distribution:
    • Belgium is divided into three regions: Brussels-Capital, which includes the capital of Belgium and its adjacent territory; Flemish Region; and Walloon Region.The regions of Flanders and Wallonia are, at the same time subdivided into five provinces each.

 (Public domain)

  Flags of Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, and Flanders

  • It is also divided into three linguistic communities: a Dutch-speaking one, a French-speaking one, and a German-speaking one.
  • Most important cities: Brussels; Namur (capital of Wallonia), Charleroi, Liège and Mons in Wallonia; Antwerp (capital of Flanders), Ghent, Bruges, and Leuven in Flanders.
(John, 2017)
  • Currency: Euro (€), previously the Belgian Franc.
  • GDP: 528,436 M. US $
  • HDI (Human Development Index): 0.916



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Doucy, A. J., Van der Wee, H. F., Lamberts, E. L., L. V., Murphy, A. B., & Materné, J. J. (2018, December 3). Belgium. Retrieved from Encyclopedia Britannica:



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